Seven Oaks Yoga

June Topic – Child Pose

The Child Pose is not as simple as you might think.

Balasana (child pose) or resting pose. Gently stretches the lower back, thighs, knees, hips, and spine.


  • relieve stress
  • lower back pain
  • digestion
  • menstrual pain

Balasana is considered to be a restorative pose. It is usually performed before or after advance poses like handstands and headstands. And for that reason I feel that the pose has a philosophical meaning of restoration.

When we get to the point in life where – WE ARE at the point

  • when life becomes too stressful
  • when there is too much going on

We need to STOP, and take a break. And we often forget. We just keep going. That is why in yoga we practice this pose as a reminder to take that break. To me the pose is the representation of:

  • pause (take a break)
  • reflect on what is happening and where you are going
  • reorganize and maybe remove unnecessary elements to make more space to breathe
  • and at the same time surrender to the flow of life by listening universal guidance
  • to recognize your own path and that not everything is meant for you. Just like on your yoga mat not every pose is for you and giving your body a pass by taking a child pose.

We also take child pose to restore our physical body, mind and spirit.

  • maybe take a vacation
  • get on a healthy diet, get some vitamins
  • go on hike to reconnect and restore with the nature
  • take a break from social media
  • or even stay away from toxic people or environments at least for a while to restore our spirit and your personal energy

Child pose is also performed BEFORE advanced poses. And just like in life, before we grow or advance to the next level, we need to take a break or pause and evaluate the next step; to listen and to see what doors are opening for us and what doors are closing. What steps we need to take to get to where we want to be.

And finally, a literal meaning of the child pose. To recognize and maybe reconnect with the child within us. Connecting with your inner-child has different meanings…

  • the ability to hold yourself gently as you hold a child. Holding yourself with compassion, love and friendliness. As we know, we can’t love others if we don’t love ourselves. Practicing deeper love for ourselves.
  • to some it might be the times when you we a child without any responsibilities or bills to pay and you can rest in that space
  • to some it’s your happy place in your childhood
  • to some it’s the place where trauma occurred and place where you can start healing and start by comforting that inner-child. #duality